Now make your own Sex Doll - Some Assembly Required

Comes in both Male and Female.
Buy parts as needed, required or desired.
Cost depedns on parts list.


Ankle and Wrist Restraints

Nothing like a little bondage to get everyone in the mood.
These fit either wrist or ankles.
They are the upscale type.
Metal with rubber padded inserts to protect the skin.
Fully adjustable with key lock.
Estimated Price: $75.00


Strap-On for Ladies

This strap-on is made especially for women to wear. It can be worn by Fem Doms for sex with other women or men.
Cost Range: $19.00 to $69.00.


Take your own sex doll with you when you travel

This was emailed to me for posting.
I have no information other than the picture.


Fantasy Fanny Blow Up Doll

J-Ho Famous Fanny Love Doll
Just blow it up and have anal sex with this plastic babe.
Cost: $30.00


Vibrating Tampon

For Ladies Only....
Apparently under development.
Concept - you slip a tampon on this specially made vibrator and flip it on whenever you get cramps or are just horny.
Source: Unknown
Cost: Unknown
Availability: Unknown


Little Finger-Ring Butt Plug

Great for the anal beginner, female or male.
Or, you can simply use it at work for a quick anus massage.
Anal beginners will love this little 2” long butt plug!
The stretchy ring slips over any size finger for better control, extended reach, and stimulation at just the right moment!
Lubes up slick for easy insertion, waterproof and easy to clean.
Cost: $8.00


Ring Harness

This differs from a Ball Gag. The Ring Harness allows an opening with the mouth fixed in position not to move so the man can stick his cock in without worry. A good training tool.
Recommended is Leather.
Price / Cost varies from $ 14.00 to $25.00.


Cunnilingus Assistant

Sorry not much to go on about this one.
No, it's not a megaphone for your vulva. An aid for oral sex, this device consists of an egg-shaped bulb that is inserted into a woman's vagina, and an external cone shaped trough "adapted to support and guide the tongue...toward the clitoris." Meanwhile, your chin presses against a crossbar "to urge the end of the device deeper into a body orifice." If that weren't enough, it also contains a vibrator, and there's an optional plastic shield to prevent STDs.
Under development and testing.
Looks interesting though.
Cost (price) unknown.


The Ball Gag

These vary in type and size.
They can be made of various materials.
The best ones, in my opinion, are made of leather with fully adjustable head bands.
It is also important to know that the ball size varies, so don't get it too large, it may not fit.
The cost also varies from $15.00 to $99.00.


Edible Undies (panties)

These come in regular panties, crotchless, bikini, and G-string,
They are in all kinds of flavors.
Cost Ranges from $3.00 to $20.00 per pair.


The Sex Machine, or who needs a man anyway?

Sex Machine - Variation Number 1
Ride the ball all the way to orgasm with this Remote Controlled Fucking Machine, designed to give you hands-free stimulation and pleasurable sensations. To operate just plug in the machine and use the included remote to operate the thrust of the flexible jelly cock. The buttons on the remote give you the opportunity to increase the speed from 1stroke per second all the way to a stunning 8 strokes per second. With that much power and drive, you'll find yourself coming again and again.
This machine is ideal whether you want to ride it up your throbbing vagina or probing inside your awaiting anus. Whatever your pleasure, this Fucking Machine will take care of you and your sexual desires.
Comes attached to a convenient handle for easy transport and storage.
The cock is contoured and shaped to feel like an actual flexible, erect shaft.
The dick measures 5.25" of actual insertable length.
There are 8 possible speeds with this device: 1 (1.4 strokes/sec), 2 (2.4 strokes/sec), 3 (3.6 strokes/sec), 4 (4.4 strokes/sec), 5 (5.3 strokes/sec), 6 (6.0 strokes/sec), 7 (7.1 strokes/sec) and 8 (8.2 strokes/sec). The complete range is available through the included wireless remote control unit.
The wireless remote control unit has four buttons: A (increase speed), B (decrease speed), C (None), D (start/stop).
Price Range $285.00 - $400.00

Sex Machine - Variation Number 2
Fully Electric Model
Price Ranges $190.00 to $250.00


Beige 30-inch Giant Double Dong Flexible Dildo

Great for two ladies or guys. Each end has a penis head, you share it, and ride rocking back and fourth to bring one another pleasure.
These giant double dongs come in various sizes and are fully flexible.
The one shown has a head and smooth shaft. 30 inches long x 3.5 inches and 8 inches around.9 inch circumference at the head.
Cost: $38.00.


Acupuncture Needles

Some people are into using Acupuncture Needles as a stimulus for sex. These are dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.
BDSM users will often put these in a woman's breasts. It believed they can be used by knowledgeable practitioners placed properly to bring pleasure.
Sold over the Internet ranging in size from 30 to 40 gauge (0.30mm to 0.16mm).
Approximate cost: $24.00 per box of 500 needles.


Nipple Erector

These fit over the nipples themselves.
They enlarge the Nipple and create a fantastic sensation for the woman.
The Nipple Erectors have everything you need to get those nipples pumping with size and pleasure. Place the nipple in the suction cup and pump. For continuous sensation, roll an 'o' ring over your nipple - your sensations will be heightened throughout your play!
Includes 2 pumps, 1/4 inch and one 1/2 inch wide.
Can be used by partner or self pleasure.
Approximate cost - $17.00


Crotchless Panties and Pantyhose

Yes put some sexy spice back in your life.
These allow for sex on the go anywhere anytime.
Wear a dress or skirt, hike it up, and get some.
Prices range from $20.00 to $110.00.


Wireless Remote Controlled Butt Plug

Butt Plug pleasure with Swirltops!
Crafted from easy-to-care silicone, your tail will tingle to any one of four delicious speeds. Because it’s waterproof, it’s even easier to experiment with anal play in the shower or at bubble bath tubby time!
Colors: Clear
Function: Remote Control, Waterproof, Anal Stimulator, Multiple Speeds
Length: 4 inches
Material: Silicone
Width: one inch
Cost: $12.00 to $15.00.


Realistic Squirting Dildo

One of the most exotic artificial realistic cocks around, the Squirting Dildo Penis leaves little to the imagination!
This Beautifully crafted realistic cock squirts on command! Soft, movable life like balls just like the real thing. Fill the bellows with a good lube and when you are ready you will be able to squeeze the bellows and get the sensation of a real cock cuming inside you.
Size: Length = 7" Diameter = 2"
Cost: $65.00


Pubic Hair Trimmer

Ladies you should trim your bush.
If you want a man to go down on you trim them weeds.
Public Hair Trimmers come in a variety of types. They can even make fancy designs like a heart with your pubic hair, take the hair as close as you want, or completely off for that smooth ultra shaved look.
They are also good for trimming the hair when wearing a bikini.
They now even make them for men that trims off all body hair.
Types include manual and electric with or without attachments.
Prices range from $10.00 to $90.00.


Video: The Automated BJ

Source Unknown.
Price Unknown.
This device is designed to give automated blowjobs.


The Penis Cover and Enlarger

Futurotic 4 Way Arouser - Ultimate Beaver:
A soft arouser with interior pleasure nodes that slips over the male penis to add girth and support. Erogenous zones are stimulated for both te man and woman by the removable micro stimulator. Batteries included.
Cost Range $30.00 to $45.00.


Nipple Rings

Nipple Rings now are available in both clip on, and the traditional nipple piercing type.
Trust me ladies , men adore these, they're a real turn on.
Cost ranges from $10.00 to $100.00.


Fake Silicone Breasts, Nipples, and Boob Exposure Bra

Fake Silicon Nipples.
They go over your real nipples and protrude under your garment, sweater, tank top, bikini, etc.
Cost $10.00.
No girl should be without these.

Fake Big Boobs for you women.
These go over your existing breasts.
The bra shows the big boobs.
The normal weight of this size, breast form is only 6.6lbs (3 kg) in total but you can achieve a J-Cup easily.
The movement and the sense is not to distinguish from a natural breast, and it is ever so easy to handle: Just slip into it and feel good!
The silicone breast forms are attached in the bra by a Velcro-System, which means you can take the forms off without any problem and wash the bra when necessary. The RedRose BreastBra is the best alternative to glue attachment and you will be amazed how it allows a full extension of the breast forms and how you will achieve a more than sexy look of your cleavage while wearing this marvelous, absolutely natural looking silicone breast in open bra.
The silicone boobs bounce and jiggle like real breasts and creates a realistic transition of the breast form to the chest so that is it almost impossible to differentiate the fake breast form from a natural breast.
Cost range $450.00 to $500.00.
Comes in natural, brown, and black colors.

These are perfect for the woman who has small breasts and wants to look like a boob goddess.
They also are great for cross dressers and Transvestites.
Real silicone breasts.
Large, weight approximately 6 pounds.
Cost $450.00


The Vaginal Pump

This is most often referred to as the 'Pussy Pump.'
Explore a whole new range of sensations. A pump especially designed for her . Engorge the genital area for maximum sensation and stimulation. Ergonomically correct in every way.
Size - 3 inch x 4 inch cup with quick release valve creates strong suction for immediate results. A no kink 9 inch hose attaches to cup and hand held bulb and can be removed with no loss of suction.
Get her pumped for a hot night!
It can create a very powerful suction. You decide how powerful by how many times you pump the ball. And you have complete control on how much suction you want with the release valve.
Estimated cost is $25.00.

Actual Pussy Pump in use.

About using a 'Pussy Pump.'
A Pussy Pump, a cup-shaped cylinder that attaches to a vacuum pump and allows users to “pump their labia.” This is an interesting option for female sexual enhancement. The essential purpose of Pussy Pumps is to allow the labia to swell.


The Strap On Penis (for Male or Female use)

Did the movie, King Kong rouse your primal instincts?
Do your fantasies involve a beauty taming the brutal beast? If so, the Kong Realistic Cock may be the monster for you. A staggering 7 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide, Kong will ravish you and bring to life your wildest fantasies.
The veins and bulges on this dildo and balls will have you mistaking Kong for the real animal. A tuft of black hair at the base completes the fantasy of this life-like dong. Snap it into any Vac-U-Lock base and let your role-playing turn savage.
Kong The Realistic King Size Cock features:
8½ inches long (7 inches insertable).
2¼ inches wide at the widest point.
Made of soft, realistic rubber.
Approximate Cost - $42.00.


Cock Rub

A mild warming massage cream for the penis to enhance sensitivity and orgasm.
For foreplay use only.
Approximate cost $10.00.


Dual Breast Pump Breast Enlarger and Exerciser

Another device I have tried on my lady.
Gently place her breasts inside the device. Then slowly pump the device. The breasts are sucked on and the nipples are enlarged. She will love it. Hell you can find this one on eBay, that's where I bought mine (LOL).
Approximate cost $14.00.


Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties

Style Number 1 (My personal preference. I use it on my lady.)
Make your woman come on command without touching her.
Sure beats trying to make small talk while you wait for your waiter to return.
I am woman hear me roar. Well maybe just moan. It will be difficult to be silent when you're wearing these Remote Control Vibrating Panties!
Slip the discreet mini-vibe into the secret pocket, hand your partner the remote, and Zap! Let the pantie party begin. Reach secret orgasmic heights at your next cocktail party while you coolly sip your Cosmo. Or place the remote in your own pocket for hands-free fun. Who ever thought waiting in line at the grocery store could be so exhilarating?
Contoured mini-vibe positioned for optimal clitoral stimulation can be removed for use in your own panties, bra or even his jockeys.
Naughty will be very, very nice while you enjoy your private fun in public!
Remote Vibrating Pantie features:
Available in brief or thong styles.
Sexy, machine-washable black stretch lace; 25 inches to 36 inches.
Powerful mini-vibe (2-1/2 inches long, 1-1/8 inch wide).
Discreet wireless pocket remote (3-3/4 inches by 1-1/2 inches) works up to 12 feet.
Travel bag included. Batteries required.
Not intended for internal use.
This unit does not require insertion.
Price Range $35.00 to $90.00.

Style Number 2
Remote Control Vibrating Fantasy Pantie
Pantie of your fantasy...
Yes just think of the possibilities when you give your lover full control from a distance! Feel naughty and nice while you experience the intimate ecstasy only the two of you know about. Discreet and quiet, simply insert the knobby bullet into the pantie, hand the remote to your lover and let your secret party begin! Pantie holds the vibe in just the right place and is compact enough to wear under clothes. Try not to spill your martini while your lover is thrilling you with powerful vibrations from across a crowded room!
Nobody but your partner will know why you're wearing a Mona Lisa smile.
Remote Control Vibrating Fantasy Pantie features:
Sold in regular and plus size.
Knob insert: 2-1/4 inch insertion; 1-1/2 inch wide.
Wireless remote.
Soft fabric harness style thong with stretch leg bands for added comfort Waterproof, wireless bullet vibe with knobby head for maximum sensation. Needs batteries, lube and toy cleaner.
Price Range $24.00 to $60.00.


Pussy Rub Tube

A mild warming massage cream to enhance sensitivity and orgasm.
For foreplay use only. Approximate cost $20.00.


A Sex Harness

The types vary and so do the cost.


Life Like Japanese Blow-up Dolls

New Japanese Sex Industry Item is to Rent-a-Blow-up Doll...
Blow-up dolls cost up to $5,000 a head, and not everyone wants one to keep at home. Sometimes, you just need a quickie. That's why there are an increasing number of businesses in Japan that pimp them out to clients the same way the human sex industry. In the blow-up doll escort service industry, the mannequins-for-hire are put into golf bags and brought to your house for a fee of about 5000 yen an hour. Or, you could have a romantic long weekend with it for about 35,000 yen. ($300) Not much more than a rental car, and much cheaper than buying your own blow-up doll. And if you don't want the doll to find out where you live, you could go to a "love doll rental room," which can also be rented by the hour for about 9,000 yen an hour.
Yeah, I know. Borrowing a used blow-up doll is pretty nasty. It reminds me of the time a bunch of the guys in my high school bought this pink rubbery masturbation tool called "my friend" and passed it around.
These days, blow-up dolls are super high-tech, made of soft vinyl, urethane, and silicone to make them feel like real women. Except, unlike real women, these ladies never complain.