The Sex Machine, or who needs a man anyway?

Sex Machine - Variation Number 1
Ride the ball all the way to orgasm with this Remote Controlled Fucking Machine, designed to give you hands-free stimulation and pleasurable sensations. To operate just plug in the machine and use the included remote to operate the thrust of the flexible jelly cock. The buttons on the remote give you the opportunity to increase the speed from 1stroke per second all the way to a stunning 8 strokes per second. With that much power and drive, you'll find yourself coming again and again.
This machine is ideal whether you want to ride it up your throbbing vagina or probing inside your awaiting anus. Whatever your pleasure, this Fucking Machine will take care of you and your sexual desires.
Comes attached to a convenient handle for easy transport and storage.
The cock is contoured and shaped to feel like an actual flexible, erect shaft.
The dick measures 5.25" of actual insertable length.
There are 8 possible speeds with this device: 1 (1.4 strokes/sec), 2 (2.4 strokes/sec), 3 (3.6 strokes/sec), 4 (4.4 strokes/sec), 5 (5.3 strokes/sec), 6 (6.0 strokes/sec), 7 (7.1 strokes/sec) and 8 (8.2 strokes/sec). The complete range is available through the included wireless remote control unit.
The wireless remote control unit has four buttons: A (increase speed), B (decrease speed), C (None), D (start/stop).
Price Range $285.00 - $400.00

Sex Machine - Variation Number 2
Fully Electric Model
Price Ranges $190.00 to $250.00


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