The Vaginal Pump

This is most often referred to as the 'Pussy Pump.'
Explore a whole new range of sensations. A pump especially designed for her . Engorge the genital area for maximum sensation and stimulation. Ergonomically correct in every way.
Size - 3 inch x 4 inch cup with quick release valve creates strong suction for immediate results. A no kink 9 inch hose attaches to cup and hand held bulb and can be removed with no loss of suction.
Get her pumped for a hot night!
It can create a very powerful suction. You decide how powerful by how many times you pump the ball. And you have complete control on how much suction you want with the release valve.
Estimated cost is $25.00.

Actual Pussy Pump in use.

About using a 'Pussy Pump.'
A Pussy Pump, a cup-shaped cylinder that attaches to a vacuum pump and allows users to “pump their labia.” This is an interesting option for female sexual enhancement. The essential purpose of Pussy Pumps is to allow the labia to swell.


  1. jimmy, horny as a toadJanuary 28, 2009

    I bet this really intensifies a girl's vagina, and makes her have an orgasm faster.

  2. i would love to just munch on that all day

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