Life Like Japanese Blow-up Dolls

New Japanese Sex Industry Item is to Rent-a-Blow-up Doll...
Blow-up dolls cost up to $5,000 a head, and not everyone wants one to keep at home. Sometimes, you just need a quickie. That's why there are an increasing number of businesses in Japan that pimp them out to clients the same way the human sex industry. In the blow-up doll escort service industry, the mannequins-for-hire are put into golf bags and brought to your house for a fee of about 5000 yen an hour. Or, you could have a romantic long weekend with it for about 35,000 yen. ($300) Not much more than a rental car, and much cheaper than buying your own blow-up doll. And if you don't want the doll to find out where you live, you could go to a "love doll rental room," which can also be rented by the hour for about 9,000 yen an hour.
Yeah, I know. Borrowing a used blow-up doll is pretty nasty. It reminds me of the time a bunch of the guys in my high school bought this pink rubbery masturbation tool called "my friend" and passed it around.
These days, blow-up dolls are super high-tech, made of soft vinyl, urethane, and silicone to make them feel like real women. Except, unlike real women, these ladies never complain.


  1. Okay, those are just a little freaky!!!

  2. Its a fetish for some of them. The otakus loved it.

  3. Damn they cost five thousand dollars. Thats more than a high class Madison Avenue New York Whore.

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    You have a very interesting blog.
    I have been known to use a few sex toys and devices on my ladies from time to time.

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