Video: Rockinghorse

This is a Rocking Horse with a vibrator. She controls the action by the speed of the vibrator and how fast she rocks back and forth.


Now make your own Sex Doll - Some Assembly Required

Comes in both Male and Female.
Buy parts as needed, required or desired.
Cost depedns on parts list.


Ankle and Wrist Restraints

Nothing like a little bondage to get everyone in the mood.
These fit either wrist or ankles.
They are the upscale type.
Metal with rubber padded inserts to protect the skin.
Fully adjustable with key lock.
Estimated Price: $75.00


Strap-On for Ladies

This strap-on is made especially for women to wear. It can be worn by Fem Doms for sex with other women or men.
Cost Range: $19.00 to $69.00.


Take your own sex doll with you when you travel

This was emailed to me for posting.
I have no information other than the picture.


Fantasy Fanny Blow Up Doll

J-Ho Famous Fanny Love Doll
Just blow it up and have anal sex with this plastic babe.
Cost: $30.00


Vibrating Tampon

For Ladies Only....
Apparently under development.
Concept - you slip a tampon on this specially made vibrator and flip it on whenever you get cramps or are just horny.
Source: Unknown
Cost: Unknown
Availability: Unknown


Little Finger-Ring Butt Plug

Great for the anal beginner, female or male.
Or, you can simply use it at work for a quick anus massage.
Anal beginners will love this little 2” long butt plug!
The stretchy ring slips over any size finger for better control, extended reach, and stimulation at just the right moment!
Lubes up slick for easy insertion, waterproof and easy to clean.
Cost: $8.00